Email Anti-Spam, Built for You

Take back control of your inbox.

Incoming Scanning

SpamExperts Incoming Filtering software offers full inbox protection against spam, viruses and malware with the help of advanced algorithms and spam pattern detection methods.

  • Full Inbox protection at competitive prices
  • Extremely accurate filtering
  • Easy configuration
  • Increase inbound email continuity & redundancy
  • Various reporting options
  • Friendly interface to keep you in full control over your email
  • Increase employee productivity

  • Compatible with any mail server

Outgoing Scanning

Outgoing Email Filtering prevents IPs from getting blacklisted as the result of spam unknowingly being sent out through a compromised account, offering full network protection and IP reputation.

  • No more blacklisting
  • Protect the reputation of your brand and IT-systems
  • Avoid de-listing related costs
  • Increase outbound email continuity and delivery
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Improve abuse manageability

Email Archiving

The Email Archiving solution offers bulk storage licenses or archiving units based on storage (GB) requirements, to securely archive email for back-up and compliance purposes.

  • Never lose an email again!
  • Achieve legal compliance
  • Improve IT system performance
  • User friendly data-protection management
  • Added email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery
  • Compressed, encrypted and secure archive

Incoming & Outgoing Bundle

SpamExperts Incoming and Outgoing Filtering offers full inbox protection against spam, viruses and malware and prevents IPs from getting blacklisted offering full network and IP reputation protection.

Incoming, Outgoing & Archiving Bundle

The complete suite of email security offering Incoming and Outgoing full inbox protection, along with Archiving to ensure you never lose another email. Get the highest level of network and IP reputation protection and assured integrity and continuity for emails.