Data Backup

Your data backing up multiple datacenters every night.

Hardware Backup

All our network and security devices has their own backups with the same brand and model. Our devices, which are operated at such critical level, are structured to continue from the backup when there is a fault.

Malware Check

Our servers are continuously and instantly protected against malwares. When files with malicious content are detected on the server, the attacker is immediately blocked and website protect itself.

Application Security

We have our own security policies and action plan for the sites or applications you host on our servers. We will take steps to ensure that your website does not get affected from new exploits.

Reliable E-mail

We know your email traffic is important to you. So every email you send is securely processed through our distributed email delivery servers that we set up worldwide.

Distributed Services

We use distributed DNS services on all our servers to make your web site open faster and be available continuously. Our DNS services run on different servers in the US, Europe.